STEELCO Gutter Screens Outperform The Competition

  • Fit On Existing Gutters  - standard and custom widths
  • Low Profile - not visible from the street 
  • Excellent Protection Against Leaves and Debris - prevent clogged downspouts
  • Reduce Gutter Maintenance  - no need for frequent cleaning  
  • High Performance In Heavy Rains  - gutters remain fully open for max efficiency
  • Rigid Construction  - won't sag like other screens  
  • Durable Materials  - built to last  
  • Low Cost  - exceptional value compared to solid gutter cover products 
  • Easy Access  - screens are easily removed and replaced, if needed  
  • Easy Gutter Servicing  - gutters can be serviced without removing the screens
  • Protects Gutters  - helps prevent damage from snow and ice slides
  • Made in the USA  - Designed and manufactured in the state of Kentucky.

STEELCO Gutter Screens are available in:

Galvanized (online/phone/store)
Copper (phone/store)
Powder Coated (phone/store).
Various clips are available as well.  Contact STEELCO at 606-329-1433 for more information.

The primary purpose of rain gutters is to channel rain water away from the foundation of the building. When downspouts get clogged with leaves and debris, the gutters can overflow and cause expensive damage. Wood rot, ruined paint finish, basement leaks, and even damage to the foundation of the home can occur. Water in clogged gutters can freeze and damage the gutters themselves. These are just a few of the problems that can occur with clogged rain gutters. Installing rigid premium STEELCO gutter screens can prevent these and other potential problems. Ask for STEELCO at your local supplier. No rain gutter should be without them!

Rigid Enough To Prevent Sagging    
STEELCO presses a 28 gauge galvanized steel angle along both sides of a 36" section of Galvanized wire mesh. This strong steel edge gives STEELCO screens outstanding rigidity, and provides smooth edges for easy handling and installation. STEELCO gutter screens are flat and lay neatly under the shingles, making a nice, clean extension from the roof line to the outer lip of the gutter. This reduces the chances of damaged gutters from sliding sheets of ice and snow.

Keeps Out Leaves And Debris Without Restricting Rain Flow
STEELCO has refined the product over many years to determine the most effective mesh for our gutter screen. The mesh we use is exceptionally effective while maintaining functional rain gutters. Rain water from the roof passes easily through the mesh and into the gutter. Aluminum and vinyl screens made by other companies restrict up to 70% of the gutters opening, deflecting rain water into the yard, near the foundation of the building.

Patented Galvalume™ Retainers Provide Easy, Secure Installation
Each 36" section of STEELCO gutter screen is equipped with two Galvalume™ anchor clips used in various ways to secure the screen to the gutter. Because of their low profile, they don't change the appearance of the roof line, preserving a home’s “curb appeal.”

Fits Any Gutter, Built To Last
STEELCO gutter screens come in 36" sections, and a choice of standard widths; 5", 6". These standard sizes will fit almost any rain gutter in the country. Special sizes are available upon request. Made with sturdy, long lasting galvanized steel of the highest quality. We are also a leading manufacturer of premium copper screens (3/8 x 3/8 mesh) with the same high construction standards as our galvanized product.  STEELCO gutters screens are built to last!

Protect Your Property From Damage Caused By Clogged Downspouts. 

Click here for retail pricing, or call STEELCO @ 606-329-1433 and place your order today!