How to Install STEELCO™ Gutter Screen on half-round gutters.

Installing STEELCO Gutter Screen

Copper half-round with copper STEELCO™ screen

Copper half-round with copper STEELCO™ screen


For installing STEELCO screens on half-round gutters, the drop-in method is used. However, some half-rounds have an inside lip, allowing you to choose between the standard installation method (same as K-style gutters) or the drop-in method. For half-rounds with an outside lip, use the drop-in method, as described below.

Left is a brief animation showing installation on gutters with an OUTSIDE lip.

Right is a  brief animation showing installation on gutters with an inside lip.


The  is simply putting the STEELCO screen in place with the anchor clip bent perpendicular to the screen, so the clip drops down inside the gutter, as shown below (picture below is K-style gutter, but same applies to half-round). With the opposite edge of the screen under the shingles, the front edge rests on top of the gutter lip. Optionally, you may drill a hole and insert a screw, securing the screen to the gutter lip. If screws are used, one screw per section is all that is needed.

Inside View

One advantage of STEELCO screens is the many ways it can be installed. The type of roof, the pitch, age and other factors may dictate the need for an alternative installation method. The installer must use his/her best judgment as to the appropriate method of installation for the type of gutter and roof they are dealing with. Whenever possible, STEELCO screens should be installed with the back edge of the screen under the roofing material. This will help ensure the best performance in all conditions.
IMPORTANT: Care should always be taken not to damage the roofing material, i.e., shingles, tile, shake, metal, etc. Don't hurry the job. For asphalt shingled roofs (especially old ones), it is best to wait for a warm day and allow the sun to warm the shingles. This way, the aged shingles may be a little easier to work with. If asphalt shingles have a downward bend at the overhang, just lift gently and slowly using a wide, flat tool, like a paint scraper. Once the STEELCO screens are in place, the shingles will eventually settle and flatten themselves out. Don't force it.
Posted on September 17, 2013 .